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The products which we offer now, includes Standard Cutting Tools, Special Tools (custom made tools), CNC Tool Holding Systems, Drilling Solutions, Thread Turning & Thread Milling Solutions, Tapping Solutions and Lubricant Solutions. And after Sales Support is the Key for our Growth. We are well equipped with the latest office equipments, modern communication systems that help us to keep in touch with our principles at all times.

This modern facility ensures timely services and feedback system to our customers. We take this opportunity to thank our valued customers, without them we would not have been here today. 

Manisha @Mission

We take challenges in our stride and endeavour to create benchmarks in providing, ‘best-fit’ solutions to our clients’ needs of ‘efficient ordering’.
We remain committed to meeting the complex demands of our valued customers by stretching our core competencies, viz. “Innovative Product Sourcing”, “Product Affordable” and “Impeccable Customer Service”, beyond conventional standards.

Manisha @Vision

To set the benchmark in Sourcing innovative, quality products, 'best-fit' Solutions, responsive &  to provide prompt Service and unmatched Support, with total commitment to customer Satisfaction through constant improvement.

Manisha @Value

In our product range, we provide Digital Multi meters, Clamp Meters, Insulation Testers, Earth Testers, Clamp Earth Testers, Hand Held & Bench top Oscilloscopes, LCR Meters, Multi function Calibrator, Thermal Anemometer, Surface Thermometer, Penetration Thermometer, Three Terminal Ground Resistance Testers, Clamp-On Earth Resistance Tester, Masonry, Hammer Drill Bits, Chisels, Hss Broach Cutters, Tct Broach Cutters, Tct Hole Saws, Hole Cutters, Annular Cutters, Grinding Wheels, Cutting Discs

Meet The Team

Manoj Raj

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Pruthi Raj

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