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Testo 605-H1 - Thermal Hygrometer

  • Measures relative humidity and air temperature

  • Calculates the dew point

  • Ideal for measurements in ventilation ducts and in rooms

  • Measuring values easy to read off thanks to a pivoting display

Testo 608-H1 - Digital Thermohygrometer

  • Calculation and display of the dew point

  • Large, clear display

  • Accurate measurement of temperature

  • Durable quality: capacitive humidity sensor with long-term stability for many years of measurement

Testo 608-H2 - Thermo Hygrometer

  • Measures and displays temperature and humidity

  • Calculates and displays the dewpoint

  • LED alarm is activated when thresholds are exceeded

  • Long-lasting quality: long-time stable humidity sensor guarantees years of measuring

Testo 625 - Thermohygrometer

  • Measures air temperature and relative humidity

  • Calculates dew point and wet bulb temperature

  • Displays min and max values, hold function, power off mode

  • Integrated long life moisture meter for long lasting quality

Testo 605 i - Thermohygrometer with Smartphone Operation

  • Measurement of air velocity, volume flow and temperature

  • Display of the volume flow of multiple outlets in order to adjust systems

  • Easy parametrization of the outlet (dimension and geometry)

  • Convenient viewing of readings on a smartphone/tablet with the testo Smart Probes App

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